Paddy Waggin’

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Jump on the Waggin’ (CD)


Aidan Carroll – Vocals, Bodhran, Guitar
John Kelly – Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals
Levi Lawson Wertz – Banjo, Guitar, Vocals

Paddy Waggin‘ is a traditional Irish folk band formed by Aidan Carroll and John Kelly. Since they both have Irish roots and grew up together as kids listening to their father’s music it was a no brainer to follow in their father’s footsteps.

They enjoyed performing and recording a CD titled “Jump on the Waggin” around 2002 engineered by Rob Stefanson. While the album was more of a fun project not intended for commercial release there was a great response from listeners, and it’s a favorite of family, friends and fans. They even got a few plays on the radio.

Aidan and John recently reunited and formed a trio adding the talented Levi Wertz on banjo/guitar and backup vocals and they are currently working on a new project under the same name Paddy Waggin’. They are rehearsing for their next recording project , playing gig’s and preparing for the annual St. Paddy’s Day party. The new project will be a rooted in traditional Irish folk but with some rock/punk influences.

Cheer’s to friends, music, and good times!

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