Wrap Up 2012

This year FreeDumbMedia took The First Step Towards Selling Out by uploading The Holidays debut album to stream and purchase at Bandcamp.com. Also available on Bandcamp is the debut release from Minus Floyd, Hunter Green (2010 demos) and Volume One through Eleven by The Hidden Tracks. Volume Ten deserves a listen if you want to hear a collection of all new outtakes.

The Hidden Tracks continue their hiatus since recording the Laxative Attitude album however, their debut album “extrumentals” is now available to stream and download at Bandcamp.com. Laxative Attitude may, or may not be released this coming year.

Minus Floyd is getting prepared for recording again at Black Band Aid Studios after a slight shift in the earths axis.

Hunter Green lined up a band and they played their debut live show in Duncan, B.C. with local legends No Don’t Stop and The Void. Check out the video for Mayday below.

That concludes the 2012 highlights from FreeDumbMedia. Thanks for listening, liking, following, watching, subscribing, and all of your continued support over the years.

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